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If your camera does not have a panorama feature, joining your photos is a skill that can be assisted by good software. There are many programs designed to do this. Photoshop Elements (about £60 or perhaps free with some scanners) is a very good point to start and it does offer a basic stitching capability which may be able to join a good percentage of your images to your satisfaction. However, you may be disappointed with some aspects of the joins such as the skies and the blending etc. To enable the best result always allow about a 30% overlap between successive images. If possible mount the camera on a tripod and also use the same (manual setting) for each picture in the sequence. Expose for the lightest part of the image. This will make it easier later on as differing exposures on each picture can be really hard to adjust, but not impossible to sort out for experienced digital artists. If using the panorama feature of a compact start your image from the lightest side or you will end up with a washed out result. If you are not confident in your abilities or just don't have time please don't hesitate to contact me with your requirements. See services joining