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As well as offering a place to print and display your existing panorama pictures we can also join together images you may already have (in almost any format.)

For example if you have pictures from a previous one-off vacation or of a past event such as a concert or of view that is no more, taken when you didn't have your new digital camera I can join them together for you using computer assisted traditional methods. The pricing for this is worked out on an individual basis and will depend on the amount of work involved i.e. how many pictures make up the panorama and how well these fit together exposure/colour etc etc but a fee of £25 could cover a fairly basic panorama which can take many hours to do effectively and would make a perfect original gift. Note no payment would be due until you are happy with the result. All the works in the (non public) gallery have been taken and/or joined by panoramas4u. Click here for a recent case study. Please contact me with enquiries on these. services